Football LiveScore ?


Coaching a football team? Eager parent for a player? Interested in creating smashing LiveScore comments like the ones on VG-Live or
Now you can report from your match and have the comments immediately available on your home-page!

Try HeksComment. A LiveScore generator with accompanying server-side code.

Have a look at screenshots and videos below for a brief overview. For more information - e-mail me (Address at the bottom of the page)

Client features (MIDlet on N97 - other touch screen devices may also work)

  • Selectable memory location for preferences and match summary (Saved in html)
  • Selectable language (Currently: Norwegian and English)
  • Automatically keepts track of time and score
  • Drag-and-drop replacement players or position exchanges
  • One-click in-game formation change (4-4-2, 4-3-3,...)
  • Click on player to select event caused by that player
  • Events cover: Goal, Chance, was flagged for offside, caused a penalty kick, corner or free-kick for the opponent,
        injury, given warning or card by refree, created own-goal
  • Click on opponent team to select event caused by a player on that team (Same set of events)
  • Automatically keeps track of which period is currently active (first, second, first and second added-time...)
  • Create free-comments inbetween events reporting subjective opinions
  • Select camera and take a snapshot - add image text (Not demonstrated in emulator, only on real N97)
  • All events, images and comments are sent immediately to server

    Server features

  • User selectable text strings for each event, using meta tags for player, event and team
  • Given item above: implicitly multi-lingual
  • Single php file for receiving events from cell-phone
  • Single php file for displaying score
  • Client auto-update (Ajax powered)
  • Only changes communicated to save bandwidt
  • Match events stored in database (MySQL)
  • Get list of previous matches

    Screen-shots and movies (from emulator)

    Set preferences (once)


    Define available players (once)

    register players

    Set up todays match - opponent, formation, location...

    define match

    Select players for this match - starters and bench (max 17)

    select starters

    Set start formation - move players to designated positions

    Start the match and report events

    The web page is updated automatically (language and text strings are configurable)

    browser window

    View saved match events on phone memory after match


    Interested? e-mail me or
    make a small donation to receive current and future versions ;)